Jan 262010

You may have noticed that I am using the super slick SuperSlider-Login plugin on this site.  You can see it in the top right corner of the page.
SuperSlider Login

I noticed that it works perfectly in FireFox but IE8 just refused to render the CSS properly.  Anyhow, under the SuperSlider plugin settings, I chose the black appearance and vertical display. The plugin worked as expected in FF but under IE8, when I clicked on “Log In” button, IE8 would only drop the slider about 10px and not display anything else.

To fix this issue, I had to edit the black_vertical.css file under the /wp-content/plugins/superslider-login/plugin-data/superslider/ssLogin/black/

In the .css file, find the #loginpanel section and simply add Height: 240px; or whatever height you want to give it. I chose 240px but you can play with it to fit your needs. This fix doesn’t seem to affect Firefox. It may or may not work for you, but that’s what I did and now it seems to display properly.

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