Jan 272009

Good Morning America aired a segment today about CitiGroup purchasing a $50 million dollar corporate luxury jet using TARP money.  This is absolutely absurd!  Where is the oversight?!?!?!  CitiGroup claims that they are using the proceeds from the sale of their older corporate jets to buy the new one.  The new aircraft is a Dessault Falcon 7x, which boasts a 5,950 nautical mile range, state of the art cockpit, and a breakthrough environmental control system.  I only have three questions.  1. Who do they think they are?  2.  Why are our elected officials in Washington, just ignoring this slap in the face?  and  3.  When are “We the People” gonna stop taking it in the ass?

UPDATE:  CitiGroup just announced that they will refuse delivery of their new $50,000,000.00 luxury jet.  Thank you White House!

Jan 132009

US House of Representatives

For the new definition of  ludicrous , see H.R. 45

Do those idiots actually believe that this measure will stop the use of firearms by criminals??  I think I am going to be sick…



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