Feb 052010

This was just too good not to share. The only question I have is… That’s a very feminine watch, so is this game for girls only or can boys play too?

via: Gizmodo – The Nipple Gamepad T-Shirt

Jan 292010

So today I powered up my PS3 and was immediately greeted with an error message about the system not being properly powered off.  So I continued on and inserted my Guitar Hero game disc.  After waiting a few moments, I noticed that the game wasn’t loading.  I ejected the disc and tried again.  Same problem, nada.  So I tried GTA IV, nope nothing either,  a few more game discs, then I started throwing in my BD movies, still nothing.  Now I am quite irritated at this point, so I grabbed my hammer and beat the ever living frak out of it.  Okay, so I didn’t beat it to death, but instead I did a System File Restore and what do you know, BINGO!  Back in action!..  Here are the steps I followed, now I am not making any guarantees that it will work for you, but it did in my case.  As with all my HOWTOS and FIXES, you are on your own when attempting any of them.  I take no responsibility in you bricking your console or burning your mothers house down.

1. Make sure the system is in standby mode (Red light on the front of the console is on)

2. Hold the power button down.  You will hear a single beep.  KEEP HOLDING..  When you hear a double beep, release the power button.  You should now get a message about plugging in your controller via a USB cable.  Go ahead and connect it and hit the PS button.

Now you should be taken to the System Restore Menu:

1. Restart System: Restarts the PLAYSTATION®3 System.
2. Restore Default Settings: Reset all system settings back to default.
3.Restore File System: Checks for corrupt/missing system files.
4. Rebuild Database: Rebuilds the OS for the PLAYSTATION®3.
5. Restore PS3 System: Fresh restore; Deletes everything and starts from Scratch.
6. System Update: Update the PLAYSTATION®3 System


“Restore File System: Checks for corrupt/missing system files.”

After you choose option 3, you will be told that the filesystem is corrupt and needs to be replaced.  Once this completes, the system should restart and you should be good to go.

Like I said, this worked for me, but I am not saying it will fix your console.  I hope it helps though.  Good Luck!

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